"My Unplanned Journey"

(by Nicole F. Church)

My first Book...

A first hand account of a young woman's journey in life. Based on real life events. The story highlights the impact small decisions can make for the rest of one's life. Also, the impact of child abuse on one's adulthood life.


Welcome to my website, and thank you for your time! 


I have been wanting to write my book for many years.  Finally, I got the strength and nerve to do it.  I like to think the book shows the strength that I was able to leverage in my personal unplanned journey.  The book is a first person, real life story.  Hopefully, readers might be able to find some of their own strength, in reading my book!

I am excited to say that my new book is published and available in Amazon, in both eBook (Kindle) and hard copy (soft cover)!  If you have Kindle Unlimited the book is free of charge.  I would love for you to read my book, and share your thoughts via Amazon reviews and/or tweets!